Another night babysitting my Dad in the pub

I took my dad to the pub again today

He looked grumpy and bored of his work, so i fetched his coat, put my collar on and took him out. You’ve got to look after the bloke who feeds you after all. It was raining a bit, so i was careful to take my time – I don’t want my dad to worry about me in the cold and wet. I made sure to be really careful in my site selection when doing my business; i knew my dad would much rather i was ok. I love the fact that he doesn’t mind getting soaked to the core while stood in the rain waiting for me to excrete. What a good guy! Anyway, I took him the pub (he was mumbling under his breath, something about ‘stupid dog, bloody weather’ – I can only assume that he had also seen that horrendous terrier across the road like I had).

I was a bit damp in the pub, but it was great fun slowly drying in front of the fire. I made sure to watch my Dad really closely while he ate his sandwich as I wanted to make sure that he enjoyed every bite, and the happiness that overtook me when he finished eating forced me to lick the bottom of his plate as it was carried away by the white shirted treat givers. I felt that I had to transmit my gratitude to the plate for the happiness that it had provided my father. There were lots of other dogs in the pub today, seven, if I counted correctly. It’s nice to see that I’m not the only dog in the world that enjoys taking their owner for a beer now and again, I just don’t understand these dogs that insist on staying at home while they send they’re owners out. Talk about lack of bonding! I enjoyed a good sniff of the dogs that did make it, one was from Lancashire – I could tell from the fragrance.

I love my dad, but I have to say he is an arse sometimes. You know, I took him to the pub, out of the goodness of my heart, and he just sat there and drank beer! He only stroked my head twenty or so times! The cheek! He just sits there drinking his beer, ignoring me every time someone talks to him, it’s all very expectant.

But he knows I will forgive him.

Time to escort my wobbly Dad home again I suppose, don’t worry; I’ll make sure he’s tucked up in bed asleep tonight, while I sort myself out again.